Raving Fans

The Results Are In! Pinnacle Performance is the Best Reviewed Sales/Customer Service Training Program in the Tire/Auto Service Industry!

Since 2010, Steve Ferrante has conducted Pinnacle Performance Training for over 9000 tire and auto service professionals throughout North America.

Participating personnel ranged from novices with less than 6 months industry experience to seasoned veterans with over 20 years of expertise. All attendees completed a post-training evaluation that rated the program on overall content, instructor knowledge and presentation skills. Over 90% of participants enthusiastically rated the program a perfect 10 out of 10! Less than 2% of participants rated the program under a 9!

Gold Medal Pools CFO Brian Christiansen (former CFO at Tate Boys Tire & Service) Pinnacle Performance testimonial!

Here’s just a few samples from the BIG pile of Rave Reviews:

“A 10! This type of training is EXACTLY what our industry needs! The world is becoming more and more value/service based and Steve hits the nail on the head perfectly!”

– Sam Achter, Virginia Tire & Auto

“10! Extraordinarily informative. I learned a lot more on day 1 with Steve than I did when I went through Firestone training program years ago where they covered similar topics and that took a week!”

– Ed McLaughlin, Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service

“Exceptional training program in all aspects! Great content and quite relevant to our business!”

– Troy Cox, Bob Sumerel Tire & Service

“Awesome! I have at least 8 pages of useful notes and can’t wait to get back to my store and implement many new ideas and techniques.”

– Steven Gailey, Express Tire

“I’ve seen Steve 6 times now! Always outstanding content and presentation! Real Life, Real Time. A perfect 10!”

– Stan Morin, New England Tire Car Care Centers

“I’ve been in this business 20 years and have had lots of sales training. Overall, this is the best sales training I’ve had!”

– Frank Spencer, Conrad’s Tire Express

“10! Amazing tools and knowledge of topics! I’ve been to many customer service and sales training’s, this was by far the best!”

– Jeremy Fitzsimmons, Dunn Tire

“10! The whole thing was great! Of all the training meetings we’ve had over the years, I will take the most away from this one!”

– Chance Fessler, T.O. Haas Tire

“10+ for Steve! Everything was excellent! I have over 12 pages of notes! All very useful. Great Info – Great Material – Great Speaker!”

– Frank Smith, Community Tire & Auto Repair

“10! This is a truly great training seminar. The info was amazing! I would change nothing and took everything to heart!”

– Josh Slagle, S & S Tire

“10! Thank you for today’s outstanding program! I found Pinnacle Performance inspiring, informative, and very enjoyable. I hope to get an opportunity to work/learn with you again in the future.”

– JJ, C & R Tire

“10! The program was great! Not boring at all and I got a lot of useful information out of it”

– Rick Lindell, Tireman Auto Service Centers

“WOW!! This was by far the most informative seminar I have ever been to. I can’t wait to share the info with my staff!”

– Kyle Bias, Black’s Tire & Auto Service

“Really great! Made me see my faults and how I can correct them to improve our store performance. Excellent training for my staff!”

– Paul Rios, Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care

“A 10! Time very well spent! Expected a long boring seminar that I have been to before but this one turned out Great! Steve is an Outstanding speaker!”

– Jeff Sermersheim, Ken Towey’s Tire & Auto Care

“A 10! This is probably the only training seminar I will ever attend that I wish was longer! Tremendous!”

– Jim Moore, Black’s Tire & Auto Service

“Steve is obviously an expert on the content. Presentation was outstanding with high “truthness” of content – I.E. It made sense to me. I’m a believer and feel confident and well-armed to succeed!”

– Josiah Dermyer, Champlin Tire

“10! Everything was great! Training has completely changed the way I will approach my job and the way I can improve my customer experiences.”

– Antonio Castillo, Express Tire

“10! In my past career with John Deere I attended 25-30 management/sales training sessions. After today, I am taking back more useful material than I ever have before. Hands down a great program!”

– John Harris, Mock Beroth Tire & Automotive

“10+! Best session I have ever attended! I would like to hear this all again – Great info for our team and very inspiring!”

– John Miller, Virginia Tire & Auto

“10! This was the best training seminar I have ever attended. Very informative and Steve kept everyone’s attention all day. Really Great!”

– Vincent O’Hop, Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service

“10! So much great information presented in an outstanding way! Definitely looking forward to part 2! Steve’s energy is contagious!”

– Jacki Dean, Dunn Tire

“A 10! I was blown away! Exceeded my expectations by miles. I learned in all categories covered. Thanks a ton!”

– Jake Plogman, Bob Sumerel Tire & Service

“10! Great Presentation! It was not the typical trainer showing slides. Interacted with everyone. Made meaningful referrals about great managers and how they got that way.”

– Mike Fountaine, New England Tire Car Care Centers

“Steve’s training was outstanding! Information can be used on a day-to-day basis. Interaction with the group was great and made it personal.”

– Gregory O. Brink, Dunn Tire

“The best seminar we have ever had, the day flew by. The topics were real, interesting and very usable for our business!”

– Dennis Goddard, T.O. Haas Tire

“This was an excellent program! I feel energized and ready. I now know what it takes to be at the top of my profession. I can’t wait to put into practice!”

– Mark Butcher, Conrad’s Tire Express

“Best I’ve been to! Energy level is great! Excellent information. 7 hrs wore me out but in a very good way!”

– Gary Champlin, Champlin Tire Recycling

“10+! I’ve been “getting” customer service training for over 25 years. This was a breath of fresh air. I was not bored… but left wanting more! Wish I could afford Steve as a personal trainer!”

– Barbara Potts, Ed Whitehead’s Tire Country

“Very well done! I am a technician but I now feel like I could walk into any sales situation and succeed!”

– Matt Coleman, C & R Tire

“10+! Best, most constructive seminar/training I’ve participated in and that’s saying a lot considering my seven years of constant training with my previous employer. Steve was very engaging with a energetic and enthusiastic presentation!

– Corey Foster, Mock Beroth Tire & Automotive

“A 10! I had heard Steve’s presentation was incredible, now I’m so glad I drove the 3 ½ hours to the seminar! Have plenty of tools to carry back and put to good use. Thanks!”

– Brian Nobles, Black’s Tire & Auto Service

“The only complaint I have is more comfortable chairs. Otherwise a 10. The training was very usable and I can implement immediately. Steve was very engaging and presented content in a way that was relatable and retainable.”

– Scott Moritz, C & R Tire

“A 10! Very Informative with new avenues of thinking and operating daily. Very professional, uplifting!”

– Fred Jones, Black’s Tire & Auto Service

“10! With all the Dale Carnegie classes I have been to, I feel I’ve actually learned more important and useful info in a much shorter time today!”

– Richard Tarrie, Ken Towey’s Tire & Auto Care

“A 10! I have been through some of the best training programs with my former employer of 20 years. This was BY FAR the best I have ever sat through!”

– Mike Vonderkamp, TDW

“10! I came into this thinking it was just another sales training. I actually enjoyed the class way beyond those expectations. I got a lot of useful information and many great ideas.”

– Daniel LeVan, Ken Towey’s Tire & Auto Care

“A 10! Thanks for the great training Steve! Your pinnacle performance course was fantastic, entertaining and eye opening. It has changed the way I deal with my customers… All of them!

– Kevin Walsh, Benson Tire

“10! The content, instructor, and presentation were all great! Really enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the seminar.”

– Brance Barnard, Becker Tire

“Wonderful. The best training that I have had for sales or customer service! Hit every point and anticipated many questions during the presentation.”

– Tony Sutton, Ken Towey’s Tire & Auto Care

Steve’s Pinnacle Performance Training Clientele features a growing number of The Best, Market-Leading, Independent Tire/Auto Service Businesses in North America!