Measuring Training


How do we measure training? It’s a question heard frequently from prospective Pinnacle Performance clients. By that they mean, “we’ve budgeted X amount of dollars for sales and/or customer service training, how do we measure our results and ensure we receive a worthwhile return on our investment?”

That is a great question, one we would no doubt ask if in their position.

An obvious answer is to track and record sales results, close rates, customer appointments and other key performance metrics prior to training and then compare them to the results after training. While that is certainly recommended and should be charted throughout the course of any training implementation, this method does little to let you know how you stand in real time.

The best way to measure the effectiveness of training and employee’s sales performance is to monitor activity at the point-of-sale.

There are two point-of-sale areas that company managers should be measuring and managing; face-to-face and telephone interactions.


As detailed in Steve’s article, Top 3 Reasons Why Phone Skills Training Is Most Important In Sales, for business’s that sell both face-to-face and on-the-phone, phone skills are the single most important area of employee development.

The best way to manage employee performance on the phone is to record and evaluate actual customer calls.

While call-in “mystery” shops can be useful to establish a baseline and determine if employees are performing their selling fundamentals, these scripted interactions simply don’t have the spontaneity or challenge employees the way genuine customer calls do.

Sale Away’s parthership with ContactPoint and their Award-Winning Convirza call-recording/analytics program provides your business with a proven method of monitoring and measuring employee performance in actual customer interactions!

After extensive due-diligence on companies that provide call recording services we have found none better than our resource partners at Convirza. For ease of operation, recording and tracking capabilities, scorecard administration and reporting analytics, Convirza is simply top notch and Steve’s recommendation for all of his tire/auto service Pinnacle Performance clients.

Press release from launch > ContactPoint Partnership With Sale Away LLC.


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It’s important to note that many companies are already recording their customer calls. If so, you’re only halfway there. The other half – the more important half – is monitoring and evaluating those calls on how well employees are meeting, or not meeting, the established selling system.

With Convirza, Sale Away creates industry-specific scorecards to evaluate and measure every element of the Pinnacle Performance sales process as tailored for your business.

Armed with the evaluation data, we can then pinpoint precisely where an employee is weak or missing key elements and provide the coaching to improve sales/customer service performance in real time!


If you don’t have an effective way of monitoring your sales team’s performance at the point-of-sale, than your business is losing sales and profits.

Since 2011, Sale Away has evaluated over 50,000 sales interactions and that number is increasing daily! We know specifically what works to create customer engagement and increase sales on phone interactions!

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